"Growth and comfort do not coexist. It is when you feel unqualified, but take the steps, take the risk; that is when your confidence and self-belief grow."

Ginni Rometty
three women in leadership coaching programme


The groups are facilitated by some of the best business coaches who have been there, understand the challenges, gained some hard-won perspectives and have an enviable ability to share, direct and challenge – all with kindness and empathy. The coaching is conducted in two different ways: Firstly, each member takes part in eight half-day deep dives: coach-led mastermind advisory groups with content from CHX and Conder & Co. These are then followed up by eight smaller group coaching sessions to further explore how the outcomes are being trialled and implemented on both a group and individual basis. 

Both stages are focused on generating clear outcomes and practical takeaways, powered not only by the expert input – but by the collective critical faculties and perspectives of your fellow members.  


Advisory Group

The core of our offering. Structured peer-to-peer conversations where the sharing of candid insights, ideas and solutions is enabled. Members are empowered by coaches to identify what has contributed to their success so far and to think about and plan for what they can do to progress into their next stage of life and work. They are supported to reflect on their thinking and behaviours, those that are empowering and those that are limiting, to take actions and build and sustain new habits and ways of thinking. Experimentation is encouraged in between sessions, as is focusing on a clear sense of who they are and where they are heading, focussing on their personal aspirations, while challenging and shaping their personal narratives, so that they feel more connected to who they are and how they see themselves as a leader.  

Retreat & Conference

We offer two key events in the calendar to step out of the reactivity of your daily routine: the first a 24-hour retreat for you and the eleven other members of your Mastermind Advisory Group; the second is a one-day cross-membership conference open to all members of SHe2 Leadership Network. Both are designed to give attendees some crucial external perspective and take a view; a chance to sense-check your big milestones and how they are shaping up within the day to day; an opportunity to Reflect, Reframe, Reset and have time for crucial R&R. After all: it’s a marathon not a sprint. 

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A whole range of formats and forums to connect, not only with your advisory group, but to make lasting connections between the whole membership. Who knew you could find so many kindred spirits with such little effort and awkwardness? Our Founder Ambassadors and network has grown organically through our annual membership handbook, Wonder Women, in which we curate first person testimonies from inspiring women in the workplace. We are incredibly fortunate to have an engaged community of senior role models, mentors and sponsors, men and women, all diverse and fabulous role models, who have committed to practically supporting SHe2 members – and crucially whose back stories and career journeys are all completely relatable.  

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Sponsor Resources

We also create groups for sponsor companies and peer male allies for a multilayered effect with regular forums for support in onboarding the women to allow them to test, refine and implement the outcomes from the Mastermind Advisory Groups. They receive learning and researchbased data directly from their employees and peers to help with relevant cultural change. The forums also provide a safe space for male peers to better understand how they can be authentic allies. They can also share and address their own biases and beliefs of how they think equity may impact their own ambitions, thus leading to a more open conversation.  

Talks & Events

A thoughtful calendar of both digital and in-person events with year-round private club access, comprising a programme of intimate fireside conversations with hardtoaccess industry icons, curated companies and resources to help streamline and simplify the reality of juggling working life. Plenty of opportunity to gain relevant insights, pick their brains and make sure you take away practical learnings as well as an inspiring buzz. All to provide a maximum impact to the value-added membership. 

Our Members

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Our Members

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