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Wonder Women: Edition 2

Wonder Women 2 - SHe2

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Who are SHe2? What do we offer?

The Wonder Women Book Club​

Sharing stories so others can see fragments of themselves.

A simple, inspiring, and impactful way to fulfill your internal DEI and external ESG goals. Each edition of the Wonder Women book is a high-quality coffee table-style book that will have value and impact for years to come.

For each employee who is nominated for a membership:

TWO copies of the current Wonder Women edition: one to the selected female member and one copy contributed externally through our
social enterprise partnership inspiring young women to think big.

LEADERSHIP webinar tailored from topics delivered by coaches from the SHe2 Human Leadership programme.

LEARN about further tools, strategies, and experiences from an interactive webinar, “Ask Me Anything”, featuring guest leaders from both our books and network.

INVITATION to annual networking event with selection of book contributors and wider Wonder Women community.

QUARTERLY book talks where highlevel overviews are delivered on top books within female leadership and DEI.

ACCESS to streamed annual  book launch and panel talk and/or access to recording.

The Human Leadership Programme

Building ladders to allow others to climb.

The last few years have shown us that the human side of Business and
Organisations is so important. It is becoming increasingly clear that those organisations that do embrace it will be the successful ones in the future.

A 1-year Leadership Programme where women and men can learn together to create a collaborative culture where ALL can achieve their ambitions with impact and authenticity.

The comprehensive, data led approach focuses on emotions, mood and
behaviour delivering practical, tried and tested tools and strategies for
sustainable performance. This is a cohesive, output-focused programme. 

The programme consists of 8 x 3hr masterclasses with further group
coaching sessions to further discuss, explore and reinforce each topic.

Including topics such as: your personal leadership style and impact on others; developing mutually beneficial partnerships and high trust in
relationships; understanding and creating behaviour change for you and your teams; emotional restoration and resolution strategies. 

Delivered to mixed, single gender cohorts or combination depending on individual company challenges and desired outcomes.

The Mastermind Advisory Group

In the future there will be no female leaders only leaders

The last few years have shown us that the human side of Business and
Organisations is so important. It is becoming increasingly clear that those organisations that do embrace Peer focused cohorts of senior female leaders thoughtfully selected from cross-industry and cross-functional to provide external, objective perspectives.

Coach led and structured conversations where the sharing of candid insights, ideas and solutions is enabled. Reinforcement of outcomes through smaller group and 1-1 coaching.

Topics from Human Leadership are further developed alongside
introduction of new modules chosen by participants; creating a bespoke experience for each cohort.

A safe, neutral space away from their usual environment to share
authentically and freely about the reality of the challenges they face;
leveraging the power of authentic connection.

Experimentation is encouraged in between sessions, as is focusing on a
clear sense of who they are and where they are heading, while challenging and shaping their personal narratives, so that they feel more connected to who they are and how they see themselves as a leader.

INVITATION to Annual Retreat & Conference, Talks, Events & Networking

The Internal Framework

Building the capacity for everyone to thrive

A cross-company connector that creates a psychologically safe space
within the organisation where everyone feels confident to contribute,
share and challenge. 

BREADTH of this project is based on an initial audit to understand fully what the starting point is for each company: what is currently in place, what needs changing, what needs refreshing and what needs to stay and be built upon. 

Options may include some of the following:

INTRODUCTION and development of an in-house Network and annual DEI company-wide event. The day-long event may include a panel with women from the Wonder Women book and a session from our Leadership coaches. The event would be an opportunity for
the company to open up discussion between staff about how things are
going internally and for them to articulate what they are doing.

FRAMEWORK, toolkit and knowledge provided to build your own internal structure. Allowing your company to move from the Why to the How; turning the talk into concrete action.

INITIATIVES built out to interconnect and solidify accountability through all levels, functions and departments working with women and men at every stage of their career. Deepening employee connection to the company.

Our promise to you

Simply put, we want to Impress you. It provides the cornerstone for everything we do. So what does that mean?