SHe2 is an inclusive leadership solutions company dedicated to empowering female leaders, fostering their growth, and promoting inclusivity at all levels of organizations.

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Wonder Women

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Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey as we unveil our sensational second book, Wonder Women: Redefining Leadership in the World of Work!

We’re thrilled to showcase the extraordinary women who are reshaping the future. Prepare to nominate and join the movement as we empower more remarkable women to share their inspiring stories!

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To empower organisations with customised strategies and initiatives that drive lasting impact for ALL individuals; fostering a collaborative environment where men and women work together to redefine leadership and unlock the economic benefits for all stakeholders

Authentic - Sustainable - Practical

SHe2 is a vibrant and influential network that goes beyond traditional boundaries to empower female leaders. As an inclusive leadership solutions company, we are dedicated to fostering growth, driving meaningful change, and promoting diversity across organizations.

Through our collaborative and supportive environment, we create opportunities for women to excel, make a lasting impact, and shape a more inclusive and equitable future.

SHe2 Female Leadership

Embracing the strengths of  female leaders and fostering diversity fuels progress and ignites remarkable achievements.

Tim Cook

CEO of Apple Inc



The Research

Businesses founded by women generate over twice the revenue and returns.

Diverse executive teams are, on average, 24% more likely to deliver greater profit.

The Reality

10% of female founders receive funding according to the World Economic Forum.

28% of worldwide managerial positions (17% for Chief Executives) since 1995 are held by women.

The Future?

The World Economic Forum calculates it will take over 100 years to reach gender parity.

Not On Our Watch

Our goal is to change the narrative by empowering and connecting ambitious women; creating a diverse, global community of purpose driven leaders. Economic equality must be gender-irrelevant, diversity-rich and available to all.

SHe2 About Us




In the UK, female-led companies are reshaping industries, driving innovation, and inspiring future leaders with their commitment to excellence and inclusive leadership.


Health, Wellbeing, and Social Care holds the largest share of female-led businesses in the UK, showcasing the significant presence and impact of women in this sector.


An increasing number of newer businesses are female led, with this figure representing the % of businesses started within the last 2 years.





Connect with diverse senior executives, from FTSE350 companies to successful startups, and unlock valuable networking and learning opportunities.


Core Values

It is all about you: Our network comes first, second and third. Our fulfilment comes from your success.

Team SHe2: We take our responsibilities very seriously; ourselves not too much. We make quite sure we work with nice people who just happen to be amazing at what they do.

Less talk, more action: We know there are not enough hours, so let’s get stuff done. We make our time together count.

We find it hard to settle…for less than excellent and just love evolving the membership, always looking to create balance through tried and tested vs cutting edge.

We travel lightly: We measure our value on your progress, not our vanity metrics or followers. We’re leaving world domination to you.

Our Brand: Grown from our authentic community, not through strategic campaigns. The voice of our network provides the foundations for everything we do. We hear you, there is no hierarchy. We work hard to make sure every member has a voice.

Network- not founder-led: Our members’ board makes sure we are on track.

How can we make it even better? We are value obsessives and love nothing better than researching best value in class.

Our workforce is a network: We don’t only employ the best; we partner with them. This allows us to be agile, responsive and constantly benchmarking our offering to be best in class.

Our network is not defined by bricks and mortar; we are a community without boundaries.

The World Economic Forum calculates it will take over 100 years to reach gender parity.

SHe2 About Us

Female leadership is a game-changer, breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation

Sara Blakely

Founder of Spanx



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