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Wonder Women

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Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey as we unveil our sensational second book, Wonder Women: Redefining Leadership in the World of Work!

We’re thrilled to showcase the extraordinary women who are reshaping the future. Prepare to nominate and join the movement as we empower more remarkable women to share their inspiring stories!

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With an unwavering focus on senior women positioned one to three levels away from board-level leadership, our mission is to drive impactful change throughout all levels of the organization.

Through our tailored programs and initiatives, we empower and equip these leaders with the skills, insights, and strategies needed to transform their careers and make a lasting impact on the entire organization.

Ongoing Investment

Our commitment at SHe2 is to create an inclusive and accessible environment for women across organizations. We believe in extending the benefits of our programs to empower and connect a greater number of employees.

By fostering a sense of value and connection, we strive to ensure that every woman can experience the advantages and opportunities that SHe2 offers.

Collaboration for you

At SHe2, we embrace a collaborative approach that involves all relevant internal stakeholders in our journey towards fostering diverse and equitable leadership.

By encouraging active participation and genuine collaboration, each party contributes to making a difference not only individually but also collectively, working together to create sustainable and impactful change.

Why SHe2?

Love, friendship, networking – these are all critical connections and the foundation of a healthy, happy life.

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Founder of Bumble

Collaboration by us

With a strong emphasis on senior women positioned just one to three levels below board-level leadership, our unwavering focus extends beyond individual growth to drive transformative change across all levels of the organization.

By empowering these talented leaders, we catalyze a ripple effect that positively impacts the entire organizational landscape.

Peer Mastermind Groups

Through meticulous curation of diverse cohorts comprising professionals from various industries and functions, we facilitate a transformative experience. By creating a neutral and safe space, free from personal and reputational concerns, we enable authentic sharing and collaboration.

The outcome is a profound opportunity for growth, fostering the potential for impactful and transformative outcomes.

Group Coaching

Our expert executive coaches, with extensive business experience, skillfully lead and guide each cohort. They facilitate insightful group coaching sessions that delve deeper into the learnings, fostering a rich and multi-layered experience.

The knowledge gained from these sessions is then shared within the mastermind group, creating a powerful cycle of peer-based learning and support, amplifying the collective wisdom of the group.

Why SHe2?

Whether it’s salary or a promotion or a job, I think it’s important for women to ask for what they think they deserve.

Susan Wojcicki

Former CEO of YouTube

Internal Trailblazers

At SHe2, we empower organizations to cultivate a diverse perspective that challenges and enriches the status quo. By fostering an inclusive environment, we facilitate the development of legacy strategies that drive meaningful transformation and future-proof your company.

Together, we create a path to sustainable success by embracing diverse voices and perspectives.

Wonder Women Ambassadors

An authentic community committed to sharing, mentoring, engaging and – crucially – sponsoring our members.

We have grown our network organically and many within it supported us from inception, as well as contributing their personal career stories to our annual Wonder Women publication, which is aimed primarily at inspiring our members.

One sizes does not fit all

Through our data-driven approach, we harness research-based insights to provide sponsor companies with valuable, non-confidential feedback from our members.

This feedback offers a real-time and accurate assessment of how your organization aligns with best-practice corporate culture. Furthermore, we utilize this valuable information to continually update and tailor our content, ensuring that we make a meaningful and impactful difference to each and every member we serve.

Why SHe2

I want young girls to realize that the possibilities are big. They can be race car drivers. They can be astronauts. They can be CEOs.

Rosalind Brewer

CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.



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