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Our tailored suite of Human Leadership programmes has been developed with a unique combination of science, research, academic insights and anecdotal evidence which places thinking, feeling and behaviour at the core.

Focuses on optimising how men and women relate to each other in the workplace to create an
environment of connecting and belonging, resulting in sustainable high performance.

Powerful - Practical - Impactful - Sustainable

Human Leadership Programme SHe2

Why SHe2?

We are proud to offer a range of truly innovative initiatives designed to leverage and accelerate sustainable change; the result of in-depth research and carefully selected credible partners, who share our ethos and passion.

Our agenda is focused on the business and economic imperative that true diversity brings. Passionately committed to the aim of ensuring all women thrive at every stage of their leadership journey, moving consistently towards their ambition of key influence and impact. 

A commitment that feels genuinely achievable, practical and sustainable for each participant.

Human Leadership Programme SHe2

The Challenge

More women leaders than ever are taking deliberate breaks to pause, reset, or transition to new roles. Their non-negotiable demand is for a company that supports and nurtures their ambitions for immediate impact. Thus, it’s crucial for organisations to cultivate an authentic, sustainable culture of diversity where every employee feels they truly belong and can make a difference.

The Rationale

Driving change through leadership is a business necessity. Data shows that diverse organisations attract and retain employees who are adaptable, flexible, curious, motivated, ambitious, and content. This contributes to a company that is noticeably more creative, innovative, resilient, and ultimately, more profitable.

The Solution

We offer a variety of sustainable strategies to support the women in your organisation, from early management to senior leaders. Importantly, we encourage men to become engaged allies for support and amplification. Our impactful and cohesive, output-focused programmes are modelled from evidence-based research that aligns good mental health with human connection and practical tools and strategies.

The Outcome

We turn data into action, embedding DEI into the organisation’s core. Beyond ESG compliance, we foster an environment where high-performing teams thrive and reflect stakeholder needs. Our focus is on human leadership, balancing career goals with wellbeing.

Human Leadership Programme SHe2

Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry.

Ginni Rometty

Former Chairwoman and CEO of IBM

Group 146


Content Overview

Mindset & BehaviourMood & Emotions
Your purpose, passions and strengthsPersonal Ecosystem engagement and release
Removing internal barriers to your successPersonal Ecosystem and Mood
Developing mutually beneficial partnerships Mood: impact on self and as a leader
Agility and plasticity in how you think and behaveEmotional Ecosystem Engagement
Your personal leadership style and inspiring followershipEmotion: Impact on you. Health & performance
Galvanising ‘Collective intelligence’Emotions: impact as a leader and on others
Understanding behaviour change Mood & Emotion Restoration and Resolution strategies

Above is a sample of topics covered which we tailor to address the needs and objectives of each client.

Why SH2 Human

Leadership approach is innovative

Developed with a blend of science, research, academic insights and anecdotal evidence.

Uses a blend of external and internal qualitative/ quantitative data to benchmark and tailor to address client’s needs

Inspires real change through a powerful blend of mood and emotion as a foundation to mindset and behaviour

Places equal emphasis and support on culture and environment to ensure full integration with leadership support

Ensure men are included at all levels to play an integral role as important changemakers and active collaborators

Provides opportunity for genuine, long term Social Impact to ensure future generation of diverse leaders


Programme Prices

Full Leadership programme of 10 modules (2 hours) and group coaching (90 mins) sessions delivered over one year

£62,500 for cohorts of 10-20 max.

Equivalent monthly investment per person

  • 10 participants £520
  • 16 particpiants £325
  • 20 participants £260

Examples of shorter programmes provided on request

Irrespective of length each programme is tailored for the client and there will be a one off design fee based on number of days work to create

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