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Join our empowering book club dedicated to inspiring and supporting women on their path to greatness in the business world.

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Wonder Women

Book: Available Now

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey as we unveil our sensational second book, Wonder Women: Redefining Leadership in the World of Work!

We’re thrilled to showcase the extraordinary women who are reshaping the future. Prepare to nominate and join the movement as we empower more remarkable women to share their inspiring stories!


through shared stories

Stepping into the role as a leader


Inspiring no one has yet to find the perfect solution to the holy grail of sustainable life balance, whatever their career stage.


Visibility for those women whose stories we share in their own voice. Reflecting on their journey to date, providing a powerful reinforcement of their individual achievements.


Inclusion of men as active collaborators through combining their reflections of the women who have influenced their own leadership journey alongside why they are committed to gender equity.


Belonging for both contributors and readers through meaningful connections gained from access to a network of purpose driven women and men who are actively championing change. Access to a genuinely friendly, engaging and diverse network beyond their seniority, sector, job function or geographic location.


Purpose through our outreach initiative to encourage bright and ambitious young women from underrepresented backgrounds to think bigger and broader. Providing them with the crucial role models and supportive champions as they take the first steps towards discovering their full potential.

Wonder Women Book Club

I believe that there is a silver lining in everything, and once you begin to see it, you’ll need sunglasses to combat the glare.

Sophia Amoruso

Entrepreneur, Author and Business Coach

Group 146



For every employee nominated for programme, an incredible value-add subscription package, including:

  • Annual editions of Wonder Women book series
  • Tailored Leadership webinars from our core Human Leadership Programme
  • Wellbeing webinars across a selection of mental and physical health topics
  • Masterclasses focused on confidence and personal presentation
  • Blended in-person and virtual interactive events and engagement with the Wonder Women network

All are designed and curated to focus on personal leadership growth
Wonder Women Book Club




Simple and impactful way to show ongoing support for women who are ready to make the difficult cross over from managers to leaders. This programme equips them with the tools, insights, and connections to develop skills and confidence to influence, motivate and inspire.


Empowering organisations to attract and retain top talent by embracing purpose-driven ESG practices, fostering a positive impact on society and creating an environment where employees are inspired to contribute their skills towards building a better future.

Social Impact

Supporting our work to help bright, ambitious young women reach their potential and to think bigger and broader. Too often they are lacking in the support and role models to help them make these crucial decisions that could provide the momentum to change the trajectory of their lived experience and create a new story for themselves.

We achieve this by connecting our Wonder Women network with existing social mobility outreach projects that connect with talented students at schools across the UK.

Wonder Women Book Club


of Offerings

OfferingLengthIntiating ImpactCreating MomentumLeadership Accelerate
Minimum Numbers of Members 20 members40 members40 members
Welcome Pack - including current and previous copy of Wonder Women books.
Back catalogue of book series for senior leadership team
Selected members from your company to contribute at Social Impact schools visit
Human Leadership workshop interactive excerpt from our core programme1/2 Day
Health and Wellbeing workshops with an evidence based and holistic approach60-90 mins
Masterclass in Confidence, Gravitas & Presentations60-90 mins
Invitation for members plus a senior leeader to the annual Wonder Women book launchEvening
Curated Impact Speakers from our book series and wider WW network60-90 mins
Design and implementation of tailored internal mentorship and sponsorship programme60-90 mins
Culture & Environment Audit
Male Active Collaborators Workshop
Facilitated Town Hall / Ask Me Anything with ExCo Leadership Team
Pricing per person per month- £95 pp/pm£75 pp/pmPOA

Programme delivery on a 6-8 weekly basis with additional content and resources through regular newsletter.



Connect with diverse senior executives, from FTSE350 companies to successful startups, and unlock valuable networking and learning opportunities.

The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend time feeling sorry for themselves.

Barbara Corcoran

Founder of The Corcoran Group

Group 146


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