"In the future there will be no female leaders, there will just be leaders."

Sheryl Sandberg

Who we are

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To remain competitive in the 21st Century workplace, organisations have to provide opportunities for female leaders to flourish and to feel empowered, while building resilience and psychosocial wellbeing both in the workplace and in personal life. By making sure their leadership team is representative of the real world, companies create a healthier, higher performing and more dynamic organisation with a huge competitive advantage.

Why is this the case? By virtue of the acknowledged barriers and challenges women have overcome to reach a level of seniority, they have more than demonstrated their credibility and capabilities to make a difference and provide huge added value to their employer.

They also act as a magnet that draws other ambitious women who want to do great work for purposeful leaders and are motivated by clearly seeing future opportunities ahead.

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We are very proud to announce that our first book, Wonder Women: Redefining leadership in the world of work, has been published.

We have a limited number of books available to purchase.

Nominations for the next edition will be opening soon.

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How is SHe2 different?

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Our philosophy

The Research:

Businesses founded by women generate over twice the revenue and returns.

Diverse executive teams are, on average, 24% more likely to deliver greater profit.

The Reality:

10% of female founders receive funding according to the World Economic Forum.

28% of worldwide managerial positions (17% for Chief Executives) since 1995 are held by women.

The Future?

The World Economic Forum calculates it will take over 100 years to reach gender parity.

Not On Our Watch:

Our goal is to change the narrative by empowering and connecting ambitious women; creating a diverse, global community of purpose driven leaders. Economic equality must be gender-irrelevant, diversity-rich and available to all.

Our Core beliefs

It is all about you: Our members come first, second and third. Our fulfilment comes from your success.

Team SHe2: We take our responsibilities very seriously; ourselves not too much. We make quite sure we work with nice people who just happen to be amazing at what they do.

Less talk, more action: We know there are not enough hours, so let’s get stuff done. We make our time together count.

We find it hard to settle…for less than excellent and just love evolving the membership, always looking to create balance through tried and tested vs cutting edge.

We travel lightly: We measure our value on your progress, not our vanity metrics or followers. We’re leaving world domination to you.

Our Brand: Grown from our authentic community, not through strategic campaigns. The voice of our membership provides the foundations for everything we do. We hear you, there is no hierarchy. We work hard to make sure every member has a voice.

Member- not founder-led: Our members’ board makes sure we are on track.

How can we make it even better? We are value obsessives and love nothing better than researching best value in class.

Our workforce is a network: We don’t only employ the best; we partner with them. This allows us to be agile, responsive and constantly benchmarking our offering to be best in class.

Our membership is not defined by bricks and mortar; we are a community without boundaries.

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Our partners

Conder & Co is an organisational change and leadership development consultancy. They use effective proprietary models and bring evidence-based research as well as the experiences of working with hundreds of women gaining insights and strategies that are pragmatic and work in the real world. The approach leverages the human dimension of emotions, mindsets and behaviours which go deeper into really understanding the qualities that enable women to be successful and happy. Fundamentally, the focus is on leveraging their unique combination of strengths to be authentic and differentiate themselves as they become more senior.


CHX Performance are experts in reframing organisational mental health and “humanising” leadership, management and culture. Founded by a leading global academic in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience and experts in talent development, CHX puts good mental health at the heart of organisational culture by challenging Leaders and The Leadership to modify existing behaviours, systems and practices. A key focus of CHX is to enable every individual participant to pursue their career of choice whilst staying well and feeling good. 

Our coaches

A hand-picked group of accomplished business leaders. They’ve led organisations across a wide range of industries. Some have owned businesses, many have been CEOs of domestic and international companies, and all are united by a desire to share their insight and expertise to guide other business leaders on their path to personal and professional excellence.

Nicola Grant SHe2

Nicola Grant


After climbing the corporate ladder of male-dominated 1990s Financial Services recruitment, Nicola spent the next 20 years co-founding and growing businesses in the property, construction, and food manufacturing industries. Throughout this ever-evolving career her most enjoyable and privileged role has been as mother to five fabulous daughters.

She has launched SHe2 Leadership, driven by three things:

  1. Her lived experience of trying to navigate the often-conflicting landscapes of parental responsibilities, professional ambition, and personal fulfilment.
  2. Her desire for her daughters and their generation to enter a working world where DE&I are mission-critical business objectives and not merely a nice-to-have. Where there are, simply, Leaders.
  3. Her sense of purpose around helping women at all stages of life to do their best work, fulfil their ambitions, have fun and be happy.


Nicola believes fiercely that the dissolution of barriers to female progression to C-suite and growing their own companies is absolutely feasible in the next decade – and that the key to accomplishing this will be achieved through prioritising Human Leadership with the collaboration of authentic male allies, in creating equitable cultures that work for everyone.

Our promise to you

Simply put, we want to Impress you. It provides the cornerstone for everything we do. So what does that mean?